Olga Gashkova was born on February 23rd, in the city of Odessa.
By 6 years old she was competing in professionalgymnastics events. Trainers had high hope for the young star and saw an Olympic champion
in their future. At the age of 12, Olga came down with a series stomach sickness and endured a gruesomely invasive operation that left the young gymnast unable to compete in gymnastics ever again. The Olympic dream was gone. Still with a competitive spirit at heart, Olga discovered Russian Billiards in her father’s newbilliard room at age 15. He showed her how
to hold a cue and hit a ball and before long, Olga’s natural talent for
the game was obvious. She became consumed with the game. Her skill developed rapidly and by the age of 23 she became a candidate for the Master Level in Russian Billiards.

At 25, Olga needed to venture out to the real world and see what pool had to offer in America, the country she’d dreamed of visiting as a young Olympian in training. America though offered American pool, a far different game than Russian Billiards. Her training would have to start fresh.
The smaller balls, table and lighter stroke brought new challenges to the Russian player. Without speaking fluently English yet, Olga still found ways to take part in prestigious competitions, both individually and on teams.
She became recognized in the billiards world as a serious player with
a fresh face and positive attitude. With the help of world class champions Tony Robles, Mika Immonen & Thorsten Hohmann, Olga’s talent grew.

In 2009, Olga’s membership in the world famous female billiard team ‘Kiss of Death’ was the turning point in her billiard career. Her persistence, professionalism, positive spirit, unity and love for game were key elements to the team’s 2009 National 8-ball Championship title. The team’s success, talent and good looks drew the attention of numerous sponsors, including world renowned pool table maker, Olhausen Billiards, as well as Poison Billiards, Predator Cues, Amsterdam Billiards Club, Hustlin USA, RackStarz & Olga and her team were the subject of a 12-episode web-series that followed the famous team as they prepared for their upcoming national tournament in Las Vegas in 2010.

During all this, Olga also found time to work on her acting career.
She graduated from the New York Film Academy,and booked several small international commercial gigs andeven filmed with Rapper Ludacris in a televised billiard challenge, women vs. men.

In 2010, Olga decided it was time to return to her home country, Odessa. She showcased her American billiard knowledge and experience and
in September, 2010 Olga has won 1st Place in the World Congress Trick Shot competition in South Korea (Chun Cheon) and then in December she won the Ukrainian Championship (10 ball) — this achievement led to her being given the status of a Ukrainian Billiard Professional & master of
the sport. Currently Olga has opened and is running a Pool School in Odessa where she trains young athletes in both Russian & American billiards. She is also about to start a new league for Odessa called the NAPL, an American league she wants to bring to Ukraine.

Olga is so grateful for her life. She would be nothing without her mum, dad and the many friends that have helped her along the way.

Thank you for your love and support. I am so thankful. Love, OG